Creating the optimal patient experience. Developing transformational leaders.  Increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Motivating staff and inspiring change.


 Whatever change you’re hoping to make or goal you’re trying to achieve, I will help you through it every step of the way. Having served as a Registered Nurse, Manager, and Patient Experience professional, I’ve helped clients achieve their goals by providing the advice and guidance they need in order to take action.


Workshop Facilitation, Passionate Keynotes, Strategic Business Solutions

AM Advisory utilizes industry best practices to ensure the outcomes you want for your business.  Partnering with you to develop a customized plan to meet strategic objectives, assess operations, or provide solutions to complex workflows.  No matter the goal, I will help you achieve it.  

What organizations do I work with?

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nurse, leader, speaker


Afenya Montgomery, MBA, MSN, BSN, RN

AM Advisory offers the tools you need to transform your organization and foster a culture of engaged employees and empowered patients.  

Let me help you create a work environment where employees are:

Anticipating and meeting patient needs

An engaged workforce that feels supported and personally accountable

Compassionate individuals providing quality, coordinated care in a culturally sensitive way

Working collaboratively to expand access to serve more patients

Success is proven by your ability to sustain performance.  My multifaceted approach focuses on coaching, mentoring and best practices that will ensure your team's success. 


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