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Workshop Facilitation

Cutting Edge Think Tanks and Interactive Ideation Sessions

Workshops designed to engage and involve your team in developing strategic solutions to pain points.  Interactive sessions encouraging active learning through case studies, group exercises, and communication skills practice.  

Speaking Engagements

Putting You On the Path to Success

Culture Transformation

Develop a culture of high-performing employees that deliver compassionate, quality service. 


More Than a Diagnosis- Practicing empathy and humanizing our patients to enhance connections and build relationships that promote healing.

The 3Ps for Nurses- Discovering your passion, purpose and potential in the nursing profession.   

The Heart of Healthcare- Discussions on why we became healthcare providers and reinvigorating our love of caring for others.

Embracing Diversity in Healthcare- Exploring the case for diversity in healthcare and the impact of cultural competence on the patient experience.

All of this content can be delivered in the form of a keynote, seminar or workshop.

The ideal keynote length is 45- 60 minutes.
The ideal workshop length is 2 hours.
Seminars are a half day or a full day.



Leading Through Organizational Change

Let's work together to transform mindsets, behaviors, and systems and lead your organization into the future.