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Dannie, Owner Birthmarq Boutique

I had the pleasure of serving as a fashion vendor for an iCAN Collective event only two weeks into launching my business.This was a great marketing resource. Afenya was someone who believed in the abilities of my online clothing store, Birthmarq, when I needed it most! I am forever grateful.  

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Lindsey Vertner, M.S.

International Personal Development Coach

Transformational Speaker

The iCAN Collective GoalGetHer Conference was absolutely amazing! As a speaker, Afenya provided ample opportunities to showcase my services. As an attendee, it was great to be able to connect with like-minded individuals.

I made some great connections, and Afenya's attention to detail was wonderful! I'd definitely recommend this conference to anyone looking to take their goals to the next level!

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Janine Hill, CEO Soar Strategies

Afenya (founder of The iCAN Collective) is a mover and shaker in the Chicago entrepreneurial space.   I have attended, and spoken on panels, at two conferences she has hosted, and I have always been impressed by her attention to detail,  the high quality of the topics and keynotes, and the way she curates panels and experiences.  At the #GoalGetHer conference, I was pleasantly surprised to be on a panel with other black women coaches, all of which had different niches, but all so engaged and knowledgeable.  I have been able to make relationships with other speakers at both, as well as engage attendees in subsequent conversations, some of which have become coaching clients for me.  The attendees at Afenya's gatherings are EXACTLY the type of people I most like to be around---smart, ambitious, thoughtful women who want to make an impact in their communities.


Ardis, Business Account Manager

The iCAN experience has been nothing short of amazing. Where else can I go in the heart of the city and hear from community leaders, while learning about mental health and wellness? The iCAN experience is just that an experience where I can learn about perfecting my business plan, while seeking legal expertise, and feel empowered by the journeys of others. If you have yet to be apart of the iCAN experience, you’re truly missing out. Let 2019 be the year that you invest in YOU!!!  

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Caitlin and Robin, Founders

F-Word Consulting

Afenya has a dynamic personality that pulls you right in. She has a natural ability to connect people and ideas, while building relationships and empowering women to think big. This is a woman you want to follow and connect with!


Amara Enyia, Political Consultant

Great Event! So well done, organized and quality! What I loved the most is that the audience really got a lot out of the discussion.  It added so much value.  Plus the location you chose and story behind it was great.  Thanks for having me as a part of it! 

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Kesia, Founder of CHOP CHOP Mobile

One of my best business moments was participating in the #GoalGetHer conference created and hosted by Afenya Pongo Montgomery and the iCAN Collective. It was an amazing opportunity to connect and build with other entrepreneurs, gain inspiration and get educated on local resources for business growth and development. Definitely a must attend event!

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Director of Nursing and Patient Care Services

“I want to sincerely thank the iCAN Collective for hosting and sponsoring dynamic industry leaders  and entrepreneurs! I was fortunate to win a complimentary consultation with major boss lady, Janeen Hill, founder of Soar Strategies Consulting and magic happened! I have since contracted her services to enhance my executive leadership skills and level up!

#BawseUp #NextlevelLeaders #BecauseiCAN”